Soft Sole Leather Shoes by Ankle-Biters

The Best Shoes for Babies and Toddlers

Medical experts and podiatrists the world over agree Soft Sole leather shoes are without a doubt the best choice for babies feet.

An Ankle-Biters soft sole shoe allows little feet to grow naturally and for your child to walk correctly as they would if they were bare foot. This is very important as it helps them to develop their balance and encourages the correct foot and muscle development in the arch of their growing foot.

Ankle-Biters Baby Shoes are made of 100% buttersoft genuine leather, they feature a very sturdy skid-resistant sole and a soft elasticized ankle design which ensures that they stay on!

Our soft sole shoes undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure they are made to an extremely high standard and built to last even the most adventurous toddler.

From crawling to cruising, walking to running, for indoors and out, ideal in summer or winter, choose a pair of our funky Ankle-Biters little soft sole shoes, you will absolutely LOVE them!   

Soft sole leather shoes

Soft Sole Shoes Care Instructions


Ankle-Biters Soft Sole Leather Shoes allow a child’s foot the freedom of movement to grow, grip and develop strength as if they were barefoot.

They feature a fully flexible, protective skid-resistant sole to assist in balance and have a soft elasticized ankle design which assures they stay on! From crawling to cruising, walking to running, for indoors and out they are ideal for all seasons!

Careful care and delicate washing will maximize the life-span of your Ankle-Biters soft sole leather shoes.



As with all high quality leather items, they should be cleaned regularly with a good leather cleaner. Alternatively you can also use a soft damp cloth with mild soap to gently dab dirt off the shoe.



Occasional machine washing in cold water with like colors, gentle fast wash, using a mild detergent (use Omo, Cold Power or Dynamo). Please do not use environmentally friendly detergents as they might contain abrasives. Please do not use fabric softeners or any other additive. It is recommended to use a bra bag in front loader machines.
Stuffing them with paper towel and restoring them to their original shape will help them dry better.
The shoes should then be left indoors to dry. Do not place them in direct sunlight or next to heat sources. On a very hot and dry day they could dry very fast, in that case once dry they should be “worked” in your hands (you can use a very small amount of hand lotion) in order to restore the original softness. You may also put them separately in the dryer with NO HEAT, delicate cold cycle.

Soft Sole Leather Shoes