Toddler & Kids Shoes

The Best Shoes for Toddlers and Children

On a normal healthy foot, once your child approaches the age of 2 1/2 years old it is the appropriate time to start them in a harder and more shock absorbent sole shoe. The most important thing is that the shoe selected is fully flexible (the sole can be easily bent back on itself) as this will ensure the continued development of their foot muscles for a stable and correct walking technique avoiding any flat-footed problems in the future. 

A small child’s foot differs significantly to an adult foot in that 70% of the toddler’s foot is made up of cartilage hence they do not walk like us. Before the age of 3 it is imperative that the correct footwear is selected to promote strong balance, allowing them full movement of their foot and the ability to fully arch their sole.

Our range of toddler/preschooler shoes have been specifically designed following podiatry laws of physiological and bio-mechanics traits of a healthy growing child’s foot to obtain a shoe that will provide optimal muscle development.

Some styles have softer and more bendable outer soles then others. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information, we are more than happy to help!

Additional benefits include:

- Lightweight for little legs
- Extra flexible, non-skid sole
- Upper Breathable material
- Anti-backwards movement sole
- Rounded tip for the correct space for little toes to grow and move in


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Toddler and Kids Flexible Shoes