Sizing Guide

Each brand of shoe has its own sizing system so we've tried to make it easy for you by organising the shoes by their AU (Australian) size equivalent. This way, you can search for all shoes on our website using their AU Size regardless of their individual sizing systems.

Toddler & Kids Shoes and Sandals:

To find shoes that will fit your little one:

  1. Use the instructions below to measure the length of your child's foot in cms
  2. Use the table below to find their AU size
  3. Search for shoes using their AU size

      When viewing the details of any shoe you have selected, you will see that each shoe size includes the actual inner sole length in cms for that particular shoe so that you can be really certain if a shoe is going to fit or not.

      Soft Sole Leather Shoes:

      These shoes are sized by age e.g 0 -6 months, and by cms. You can use the age as a guide but be sure to also measure your little one's foot using the instructions below to ensure you select the correct size.

      How to Measure Your Little Soles:

      1. Have your child positioned barefoot and upright on a piece of paper allowing for the full spread of the foot in terms of width and length

      2. When measuring your child's feet always ensure that the foot is fully extended and the toes aren't scrunched up
      3. Measure the foot from the longest toe to the back of the heel. Make sure you take both feet measurement as one foot might be bigger than the other and use the length of longest foot.


      NOTE: Different brands have different sizing so you should always check the size in centimeters.


      Soft Sole Leather Shoes measuring feetSoft Sole Leather Shoes measuring feetSoft Sole Leather Shoes measuring feet

      Important Points:

      1. All our sizes in cm refer to the inner sole length

      2. Ideally your child's foot will be between 5 and 9 mm shorter than the inner sole length of the shoe to account for growth and wiggle room. e.g. If your child's foot measures 15cm, then their ideal shoe length will be somewhere between 15.5 and 15.9cm.

      3. We recommend no more than 9 mm for children under the age of 2 as any more can cause them to trip

      4. Children's feet grow quickly so make sure you check their shoes regularly and every two months during their first year and every three months up until 3 years of age.

      Size in cms AU Size
      10.5 cm 2
      11.4 cm 3
      12.1 cm 4
      13 cm 5
      14 cm 6
      14.6 cm 7
      15.6 cm 8
      16.5 cm 9
      17.1 cm 10
      18.1 cm 11
      19.1 cm 12
      19.7 cm 13
      20.6 cm Big Kids 1
      21.6 cm Big Kids 2
      22.2 cm Big Kids 3